Vintage Notes

The Hudson Vineyard Syrah is always a stand out in our portfolio for its considerably French-leaning style and and incredible balance. While many Northern California Syrahs are defined by their extract and viscosity, the Hudson is something altogether different. Both the mouthfeel and aromatics are dominated by secondary characteristics, brought to the forefront by beautifully balanced acidity. Forrest mushrooms, roasted game meat and accents of cardamon spice are highlighted by just-ripe fig and a fresh brininess, owing to the distinct minerality of Hudson’s soils. Our signature subtlety with oak on our Rhones serves to preserve the pristine fruit character of the Alban Clone, while the purely native fermentation leaves the wine’s inherent aromatics intact. This is one California Syrah that strongly speak to its origin, and will undoubtedly remind you why you fell in love with the varietal and the terroir in the first place.

Current Release

2014 Hudson Vineyard Syrah

$150.00 per 3-pack
($50.00 per bottle)