Vintage Notes

Cooler than average temperatures during flowering and set presented winemakers with a challenge in 2015. Yields in our 'Kaley Elizabeth' blocks were reduced and the resulting smaller crop reached maturity about a week or two earlier than normal. Continuing drought conditions in the Napa Valley combined with these early seasons stresses resulted in fruit with remarkable power and concentration. This year's wine expresses classic 'Kaley' profiles with a bit more 'oomph'. A mix of black cherry, sweet cassis and brambly blackberry is accented by prominent secondary characteristics of Middle Eastern spices, crushed slate and earth, and bound by lengthy hillside tannins. In 2015, we began leaving the Cabernets in wood a bit longer than in previous vintages to enhance the mouthfeel and give the resulting wines a more seamless texture. This new regime has resulted in our latest 'Kaley' being much more approachable just after release, but has not altered its extraordinary ageability. 

Current Release

2015 Kaley Elizabeth Cabernet - Oakville

$405.00 per 3-pack
($135.00 per bottle)